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Jannat Ara
Aug 03, 2022
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Please develop the habit of exercise and leisure. The University of Manchester study pointed out that even if the disease occurs, patients with stable movement have milder symptoms and fewer hospitalizations. (2) The daily routine should be regular, and try to avoid day and night being reversed. If it is really necessary, arrange your own time properly, and do not let this situation become the norm. Maintaining good social interactions is an important part of building a sense of reality. Cultivating some interests can also help expand relationships. (3) If you have a family medical history of first-degree relatives, you can use the school's counseling resources to regularly understand and adjust your own situation. If you have a situation, you can refer number list to psychiatric treatment early, which can reduce the possibility of the disease. (4) If there is a need for treatment, the sooner the better, the sooner the better, the lower the dose, the better the response and the fewer side effects. The later it is delayed, the dosage of the drug has to be increased, and even multiple drugs need to be combined, which is the same as the treatment principle of many chronic diseases. At the initial stage of the disease, if taking the medicine has no side effects or the side effects are mild, and the treatment effect is good, based on the consideration of the stability of the medicine, there are also relevant studies abroad that use a new generation of long-acting injections in the early stage. helped. If the parents are not at ease when the child is outside, it can be taken into consideration. (6) Sometimes, squatting is for the next jump. If necessary, it may be necessary to consider whether to suspend the schoolwork or training, and recuperate the body before starting. If a high-intensity medical career is not good for the condition, it is also a good choice to change departments or work types, departments or careers.
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Jannat Ara

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